Robert Lawson Brown, Ph.D.

Welcome to my web site. I provide information about my technology workshop series, and also about myself and my technical background.

My Story

I am a physicist, (U.Va. Ph.D. 1978). I have worked in atomic studies, condensed matter, magnetic properties, semiconductor optics, plasma etching, semiconductor process development, metrology, and computer programming.

I teach popular interest topics in my technology workshops. These include my iPhone™ photography one day course, my productivity suite courses, and my introduction to programming courses. The course schedules are announced both here and on social media.

I have used Apple iOS™ devices from the original introduction onward. I also have extensive experience with DSLR photography and with videography. I am an experienced user of the Adobe Creative Suite™ and the Apple productivty applications. I work with Google Apps for Business™. Other applications include Mathematica™, the Microsoft Office™ suite, and various image manipulation tools. I work with virtual reality (Second Life™).

I wrote my first program in Fortran, during September of 1969, using Hollerith card input, and impact printer output, with a big basement filling Burroughs mainframe sitting inbetween, 56K of workspace. Needless to say, I have advanced on to considerably more powerful platforms since that time. My most recent programs have been written in Swift, to create MacOS X applications. I have also programmed, over the years, with Basic, Forth, Pascal, Prolog, Java, and Javascript.

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